Mar 11, 2009

The Ministry of Fallen Asleep

After being on the foreign affairs beat for a few years now, I can honestly say I am totally disappointed with our country's so-called "top diplomats." Taiwan is already standing on shaky ground when it comes to the diplomatic front, yet these lazy-thoughtless-egotistic-arrogant people continue to curl up in the corner in a fetal position pining for some mercy morsels from China. Now that's not to say ALL of the MOFA peeps are bad because there are a small handful of genuine patriots who want to fight for Taiwan's international status. But the keyword being "small."

A good example of the ministry in slumber is the Department of North American Affairs had NO IDEA that the US had publicly sided with Japan that Diaoyutais belonged to Japan. MOFA always say that safeguarding Taiwan's soveriengty is its foremost task but was somehow totally oblivious when our our territory is being claimed by others. (By the way, that part of the Q and A was completely omitted from the published briefing minutes)

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